H O M E        A B O U T        U P C O M I N G        S O U N D S         M E D I A         D O N A T E        S U B S C R I B E        

B R Y A N . J A C O B S

Natacha Diels

Andrew Greenwald

Jessie Marino

David Broome

Bryan Jacobs
sound engineer/composer

Weston Olencki
general manager/trombone

Kiku Enomoto

Rama Gottfried

(br-eye'ahn dj[ae.k:ubz”lz)
1. n. Tater Tot 2. n. sound engineer extraordinaire
3. adv. slidefully whistling 4. verb to build wondrous musical machines

The works of composer/guitarist Bryan Jacobs have been performed in the US and internationally by the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Wet Ink Ensemble, Meitar Ensemble, the International Contemporary Ensemble, Ensemble Pamplemousse, Talea Ensemble, the pianist Xenia Pestova and more. He has received awards and commissions from La Muse en Circuit, The American Academy of Arts and Letters, Bourges International Electroacoustic Music competition, MATA, Centre for Computational Musicology and Computer Music, and RTÉ Lyric FM, and his work is available on a recording put out by La Muse en Circuit. Jacobs’ teachers include Denys Bouliane, Fred Lerdahl, Fabien Lévy, George Lewis, and Tristan Murail. He holds graduate degrees from McGill University and Columbia University.